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Animations are very intresting and visible digital contents today. It is much more accessible today too. There are more varieties of old and modern anime. They are classic, modern and old types in nature.Forest of Piano, Black Butler, A. I. C.O Incarnation, Baki are more popular anime. Little Murmed, The Lion King etc. are the classical animations of all time. These animations are produced by the veteran anime maker Sean Sullivan for the renowned Disneyland. Mr. Sullivan was enggased with the Motion Pictures And Television Fund ( MPTF) for a long time. Unfortunately he died of Corona period at the age of 91.

In this animation video a juggler is playing from three bottles at a time in a circus stage. It is a good animation of its kind.

Only One World, Save It / Vasudhaiv Kutumbcumb.

Due to global warming wild animals are in denger
in this world. The Childrens are for playing and and leaning not for earnings. But some guardians are taking work from them. So they cant go school. Hence, saving the career of children is necessary. You can find these themes in this video and can use for your same nature of purposes.
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