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Passaionate Flamenco Folk Dance

A bialaora ( flamenco dancer) in red chic costume is dancing Passionate famous Argentine Flamenco folk dance. This dance is in the preserve art and culture list of UNESCO.Flamenco is an old cultural dance of Rajasthan, India. It migrated in Spain and Argentina with there people about hundreds of years ago. Now it is most popular in Spain, Argentina and other Europian countries. This dance is popularised leaps and bound with their flamenco dancers, singers and musicians.
Flamenco folk dance is most popular in Spain, Argentina, Brazil, India, Germany, Japan, most of the europian and other countries. It is a most artistic and high value of dance. This folk dance is originated in Rajasthan, India. From there it is migrated to Spain, Argentina, Netherland hundreds of years ago. This dance was flourished there leaps and bound. Now a days it is recognised by the UNESCO in the preserve list of art and culture

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An african american woman is taking selfie from her smartphone.
An african american woman is taking selfie from her smartphone.